Orreries and Stored Moonlight

This series of works deals playfully with the more cosmic aspects of transduction, and uses domestic devices to shift our typical diurnal experiences into new registers.
toa - bmcThreefold Orrery/Array and the Energetics of Stored Moonlight 
Photovoltaic panels, transistor radios, solar spinners, found objects, projected video, powered speaker. Installation view, Materials, Sounds + Black Mountain College, Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, Asheville NC, USA, 2019.


SPO etcSingle-Planet Orrery and the Energetics of Stored Moonlight
Photovoltaic panels, transistor radio, light bulb, mirrorball motor, monitor, powered speaker. Installation view, Material Sound, Murray Arts Museum Albury (MAMA), Albury NSW, 2018. Photo: Tyler Grace.