Double Partial Eclipse

photovoltaic panels, ebows, electric guitar, light sources

Double Partial Eclipse is a live energy harvesting project, where photovoltaic (solar) panels draw on available light sources — light bulbs, the sun, strobe lights, video projectors, and so on — to provide energy to ebows (small electronic string-driving devices) on an electric guitar. Like much of my work, it uses the variability of electrical devices to explore the translation of simple acts of transduction into a live experience.

The work is expandable in terms of the number of panels and instruments involved and also the number and variety of light sources, and can be performed indoors or out (weather permitting, of course).


Peter Blamey, Double Partial Eclipse (2020)


Video produced for Material Sound at Home, Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, 2020: “Artists from the exhibition, Peter Blamey, Vicky Browne, Pia van Gelder, and Jenn Grossman, explore Material Sound through original performances recorded from their homes and home studios across Australia and in New York.”


The Last Bastion #1, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, 10th June 2017. Part of the exhibition Outposts, curated by Brendan Walls for Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tas., June 2017. Video: Sally Ann McIntyre.


Sonic Social ArtBar, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, June 2014. Photo: Jenn Brewer.





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