Selected motherboard works (2009–2014)

All of these works revolve around what might be called ‘open electronics’ and explore themes of connectivity, energy and reuse. They also investigate broader ideas relating to electricity, the history of technological artefacts, ecology and experimental practices in the arts. Each uses discarded computer motherboards as the basis for an open electrical system activated by audio feedback, where sound becomes the main indicator of the various energy flows throughout.

Motherboard Trees
motherboards, rattan, copper wire, amplifiers
Installation view, Indonesian Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, April-May 2014. Photo: Didit Prasetyo Nugroho.


motherboards, copper wire, electronics
Installation view, SNO 89, SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney, Nov-Dec 2012.


Circuit Hut (The future is other people’s garbage)
motherboards, copper wire, amplifiers, powered speaker, solar panels, brick
Installation view, Gap Year, Artspace, Sydney, Sept-Oct 2012. Photo: silversalt photography.


Circuit Heap/Pile/Stack
motherboards, copper wire, amplifiers, speakers, solar panels
Installation view, NOWnow festival exhibition, Hardware Gallery, Sydney, Jan 2012.


motherboards, copper wire, amplifiers, solar panels, speaker
Installation view, What is Music? festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Oct 2011.


motherboards, copper wire, amplifiers, solar panels, speaker
Installation view, ICAN, Sydney, July-August 2011.


motherboards, amplifers, speakers, crates
Installation view, Westspace, Melbourne, July 2009.

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