Invisible Residue

infrared remote controls, photovoltaic panels

Invisible Residue is a performance work that uses discarded everyday handheld remote controls (for TVs, video projectors, VCRs and so on). Photovoltaic (solar) panels connected to audio equipment act as receivers for the invisible flashes of infrared energy that remote controls use to transmit their digital pulse codes, converting them into sound.

No effects or signal processing are used: the sounds produced are simply the effect of the infrared signals from the remote controls creating fluctuations in voltage in the photovoltaic panels.

This recording was produced for Ears Have Ears, FBi Radio 94.5FM, Sydney, and broadcast on 11.06.2015.

Imaged infrared pulse codes from a range of domestic remote control handsets (TVs, VCRs, CD players, and so on).