Five Fertile Exchanges CD, Consumer Waste CW21, 2018.
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Forage CDr/DL, Avantwhatever 011, 2012.
On these recordings eight salvaged computer motherboards and tangled bunches of exposed copper wire form a feedback network with the aid of some small amplifiers. Moving the wire by hand makes and/or breaks any number of possible circuits, which produces and/or changes the sounds heard along the way. As such, these recordings document a forage for signals from this small electrical environment.

Now sold out on CD – free download here


Jim Denley & Peter Blamey, Findings CD, Splitrec No.14, 2006.
Saxophone and mixing desk feedback improvisations, interactions, interpolations and incorporations.


Warm Water 8cm CDr, Clear Liquid No. 1, 2005.
Saturated electronics. Recorded in Sydney, October 2004.
Individual handmade covers.

More or less sold out – free download here.


Salted Felt CD, Impermanent Recordings No. 2, 2002.
Feedback cracking with two mixers (one old, one newish) and a stolen oscillator.