Avantwhatever Festival, 13-17 July

Avantwhatever Festival is a five day showcase of contemporary experimental music at Triple R FM’s Performance Space in Brunswick, Melbourne from July 13-17 this year, featuring:

Robin Fox
Joel Stern
Rosalind Hall
Gabi Losoncy (US)
Thembi Soddell
Half High
Martin Kay
Jason Lescalleet (US)
Peter Blamey
Smash Tennis
Carolyn Connors
Anthony Magen
Manfred Werder (CH)
Arek Gulbenkoglu
Simon Charles
Shani Mohini-Holmes
Jim Denley

Visit Avantwhatever for details

IBP book launch, Thursday 19th May

IBP book launch 2016 a

Instrument Builders Project book launch

With performances by
Senyawa (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Pia Van Gelder (Sydney)
Peter Blamey (Sydney)
Dylan Martorell (Melbourne)
Dale Gorfinkel (Melbourne)

Join us for the launch party celebrating the long awaited publication of the Instrument Builders Project book: ‘Hits from the Gong’

I’m sure you remember our project – Indonesian and Australian artists collaborating in experimental studio workshops in both countries to conceptualise, build and activate experimental instruments of all kinds. The results were epic and strange and stretched boundraries we didn’t know we had – and now we’re able to share much of the project in the form a beautiful publication.

Years in the making, this printed monster of an edition comes in a specially designed cardboard box and features eye popping full colour images and descriptions of all the work that took place accross three editions of the IPB in Yokgyakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australaia in 2013 and 2014.

There’s essays and conversations by Helen Hughes, Antariksa, Wok The Rock, Serena Bentley and Edwina Brennan and curators Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern.

8 PM
Thursday 19th May
The Tote
67-71 Johnston St

Tickets $15 or $40 with the book
(limited edition print of 400 copies)

Transductions: Energies in the Arts, Sat 15 Aug, 8PM

Transductions: Energies in the Arts
Martin Howse (UK)
Pia van Gelder
Peter Blamey

Red Rattler
6 Faversham St,

The two nerve centres of energy arts, one based in Berlin, the other in Sydney, meet for the first time on Saturday night, 15 August at the Red Rattler.

U.K. artist based in Berlin, Martin Howse is at the artistic vortex of radical coding, earth coding, and psychogeophysics, opening up new possibilities for sound and experimental music on the Continent. In the country for the first time to keynote the Energies in the Arts conference, Howse joins two of Australia’s finest performers, Pia van Gelder, a synaesthetic manipulator of micro-currents, and Peter Blamey, an artful reinterpreter of everyday technologies, to plug into the sounds of incredibly creative force fields of mystical hacking, open electronics, earth circuits and shimmering synapses.

Open to all, their performances are the fireworks at the end of the Energies in the Arts conference held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and University of New South Wales Art & Design.