Building Weather

3v electric motor, wood, plastic, thumb tacks, photovoltaic panels, amplifier, copper wire, ferrite core, foil, cable

This work for the 2017 NOW now festival derived its materials in real time from the 107 Projects building (the festival’s location), drawing both on its infrastructure and the events that happened there – some of which were more or less continuous, others highly variable. Several simple devices converted the energies from the water outflow of the fishpond pump, sunlight on the roof, spill from mains electricity and air movements inside the gallery space into electrical voltages. These were then amplified in order to make them audible, then combined to make a live account of both literal and imaginative interactions between these characteristics of the building, its location and its uses during the four days of the festival.

Indoor devices consisted of a wall-mounted solar panel with a ‘cloud’ of aluminium foil dangling in front, and a suspended copper coil, whereas outdoor devices onsisted of a turbine made from a 9v motor attached to the outflow pipe of the fishpond outside, and a second solar panel powering a small feedback amplifier.

Sounds changed gradually over time in and of themselves, and also came and went altogether depending on factors such as the time of day, air conditioning or indoor lighting, or how may people were moving around in either the gallery space or outside area.