Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist. His practice is often sound-focussed and accomplished with a minimum of means, and includes performances, videos, recordings and installations. Broadly speaking, his work explores (amongst other things) the interconnected themes of energies and residues, often through reimagining our everyday encounters with mundane materials and technologies and the physical world, and our experiences of energy generation, use and wastage.

Selected performances and exhibitions
Improvisations, Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf, NSW.
Ultra-Sonic, SCA Gallery, University of Sydney, NSW.
Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW.
Performance Art SCA OTC, University of Sydney, NSW.
Material Sound touring exhibition, Qld & NSW.
Nights at Tempe, Tempe Jets, Tempe.
Sounding Out, NorthSite Contemporary Arts, Cairns, Qld.
Antoun’s Dreamfest, Red Rattler, Marrickville.
Material Sound touring exhibition, NSW & Tas.
Material Sound performances, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart.
Arvos at Tempe #1, Tempe Jets, Tempe.
Material Sound touring exhibition, NSW & Vic.
005, Steep St, Katoomba.
Fire relief fundraiser, Marrickville Golf Club.
Soft Pedal, Blacktown Arts Centre, Blacktown.
Alpha House, Newtown.
Sonic Moves XII, Halfback Books/Hall’s Books & Records, Dee Why.
Energies in the Arts book launch, UNSWAD, Paddington.
Radiata, Frontyard, Marrickville.
Humming Grotto #1, Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham.
Materials, Sounds + Black Mountain College, BMCM+AC, Asheville, NC, USA.
Radiophrenia 2019, Glasgow.
Forces in Music, School of Arts and Media, UNSW, Kensington.
MESS Presents: Signal to Noise, Howler, Brunswick.
Garageworks #2, Bankstown Arts Centre, Bankstown.
Five Fertile Exchanges CD launch, Frontyard, Marrickville.
Private Projects, Moonah, Hobart.
Material Sound, Murray Art Museum Albury, NSW.
Black Mountain College Museum & Art Center, Asheville, NC, USA.
Inside #2, Paddington Town Hall, Paddington.
Sounding the Future, UTS Gallery, Ultimo.
The Last Bastion, Dark Mofo, SAC, Hobart.
Outposts, Dark Mofo, SAC, Hobart.
Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham.
Ear Have Ears, FBi 94.5FM, Sydney.
PHANTASMAGORIA, BCSC, Bogong Alpine Village, Victoria.
The Infra, Bus Projects, Collingwood.
Avantwhatever, The Alderman, Brunswick East.
One Night in Tempe #2, Tempe Jets, Tempe.
NOW now festival exhibition, 107 Projects, Redfern.
Sun Tone Harvester (with Vicky Browne), Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide.
Avantwhatever festival, Triple R, Brunswick.
Instrument Builders Project book launch, The Tote, Collingwood.
Now Boarding, Merry Crisis, Arncliffe.
Nadir LP launch, 107 Projects, Redfern.
2015 Finissage, Artspace, Woolloomooloo.
The Infra, Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo.
In Fields, 55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville.
Transductions: Energies in the Arts, Red Rattler, Marrickville.
Ears Have Ears, 107 Projects, Redfern.
Dorkbot at MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
MIUC, Bar Open, Fitzroy.
Live, Strange Neighbour, Fitzroy.
TJ#1, Tempe Jets, Tempe.
NOW now festival exhibition, SNO, Marrickville.
Recently Historic #2, Gaffa, Sydney.
Cementa_15 festival, Kandos, NSW.
Das Superpaper 33 launch, Firstdraft, Woolloomooloo.
Summer Tragic festival, Real Bad Music, Moorooka.
Friday Night, Metro Arts, Brisbane.
Instrument Builders Project, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Liquid Architecture festival 2014, Art & Design, UNSW, Paddington.
Pretty Gritty #9, 107 Projects, Redfern.
Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney, UWS Art Gallery, Werrington North.
Sonic Social, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
Instrument Builders Project exhibition, iCAN, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Bukan Musik Biasa #39, Surakarta, Indonesia.
NOW now festival, The Red Rattler, Marrickville.
Avantwhatever, The Alderman, Brunswick East.
Earth Sound Earth Signal book launch, COFA, UNSW.
Tin Shed Spots #4, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney.
1/4 Inch, Yours & Owls, Wollongong.
Night Depot#3, ISEA2013, Firstdraft Depot, Woolloomooloo.
Cementa_13 festival, Kandos, NSW.
NOW now festival, The Red Rattler, Marrickville.
SNO 89 group show, SNO, Marrickville.
Forage CD launch, Monkey, North Fitzroy.
Gap Year group show, Artspace, Woolloomooloo.
Forage CD launch, AV Union, Leichhardt.
Dorkbot Sydney group show, Serial Space, Chippendale.
NOW now festival exhibition, Hardware Gallery, Enmore.
Sound Series #20, Hardware Gallery, Enmore.
What is Music? festival, Cockatoo Island.
filet électronique/island, ICAN, Camperdown.
High Reflections, The Red Rattler, Marrickville.
NOW now festival, The Red Rattler, Marrickville.
Sound Series #8, Hardware Gallery, Enmore.
Superdeluxe@Artspace, Bienale of Sydney.
Saturated electronics in situ, Serial Space, Chippendale.

Artist in Residence, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, 2018.
Naturestrip residency, Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Bogong, Vic., 2016.
Instrument Builders Project residency, iCAN, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2014.
Serial Space residency, Serial Space, Chippendale, 2011.
Infinite Music Machine residency, West Space, Melbourne, 2009.

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