Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney, Sept 9-31

Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney

Curated by Monica Brooks

Featuring works by Peter Blamey, Alex White, Rene Christen, Kusum Normoyle, Samuel Bruce, Jon Hunter, Emily Morandini, Jasper Streit, T.R. Carter, Louise Dibben and Ivan Lisyak.















Saturday 13th September 2014 at 2pm
The UWS Art Gallery, Building AD
University of Western Sydney

(Penrith, Werrington North Campus)
Parking is available at $7.00 per day.
9th September – 31st October 2014
Mon Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm Penrith, Werrington North campus

Launching in 2001, the Bachelor of Electronic Arts was an interdisciplinary undergraduate program run through the School of Contemporary Arts at UWS. The Bachelor of Electronic Arts was a degree that founded its idea of higher education from the cross-over between the formal disciplines of Fine Art and Music. The program built on local and international ideas in contemporary media arts at the time, though paradoxically remained isolated from metropolitan art school traditions and values, in part due to the geography of its campus.

Significantly, the former Bachelor of Electronic Art at UWS provided one of the only university undergraduate programs devoted to experimental new media art practice and theory within Australia at the time. The exhibition, ‘Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney’, presents a historical snapshot of what the Bachelor of Electronic Art represented through artworks made by some of the former students and teachers of this unique course.