Cementa 13, 1-4 February, Kandos NSW

A celebration of contemporary art set within the rural industrial history of Kandos NSW

Cementa_13 is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW. Over forty artists will exhibit video, installation, sound, 2d and 3d artworks in venues and locations across the town. Venues will include shop fronts, vacant lots, a disused school, scout hall, local pub, the local museum, golf-course, people’s homes, the surrounding bushlands, etc. The work will address the identity, history, and current social, environmental and economic context of the town. Both walking and cycling tours will be given every day of the festival, introducing audiences to the town, along a route that will incorporate all of the major exhibitions, emphasizing environmentally sound modes of transport. In addition, there will be specialised tours including an edible weed tour of the surrounding country, a bicycle tour by ARTcycle inc. of local bushland, an escarpment hike and a winery tour.

40+ artists over 4 days

Warren Armstrong – Alison Clouston and Boyd – Lisa Andrew – Cigdem Aydemir – Connie Anthes – Liam Benson and the Motel Sisters – Peter Blamey – Diego Bonetto – Linden Braye – Sarah Breen Lovett – Darryl Brown – Jenny Brown & Dan Kojta – Kat Brown – Mark Brown – David Capra – Collective Monochrome – Fiona Davies – Ben Denham – John A. Douglas – Jacqueline Drinkall – Gilbert Grace – Paul Greedy – Sarah Goffman – Virginia Hilyard – David Haines & Joyce Hinterding – Amanda Hills – Hobart Hughes – Robin Hungerford – Tom Isaacs – Bronia Iwanzcak – Fiona Kemp – Zio Ledeux – Ruark Lewis – Francesca Mataraga – Fiona MacDonald – Peter McGuiness – Kate Mackay – Christine McMillan – Ian Millis – Ro Murray – Sarah Nolan – Lena Obergfell – Vaughan O’Connor – Vincent O’Connor – Vienna Parreno – Sue Pedley – Madeleine Preston – Margaret Roberts – Bill Seeto – Kurt Sorensen – Phil Spark, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski – Dan Stocks – The Stoked – George Tillianakis – Pia Van Gelder – Leanne Wicks – Susannah Williams – Peter Williamson