Emily Morandini & Peter Blamey residency at Serial Space


For 2011 Serial Space have overhauled and expanded their entire program which is now composed of paid residencies for artists/collectives, skills sharing workshops and unique events, with the support of NSW Ministry for the Arts. Our first on-site residency for the year is with Sydney electronic media artists Peter Blamey and Emily Morandini.

Emily Morandini has performed and exhibited as a sound-based artist in sydney and beyond over the last five years. Traversing live, improvised, compositional, and installation works, her practice is an experiment in incorporating homemade elements into the technical sound-making process. Creations include handmade magnetic tape, live razor blade audio mixes, and bobbin-lace ground-loop microphone cable.

Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist who has been doing performances and making works for quite a while now, and looks like continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. His practice largely revolves around notions of what might be called ‘open electronics’, and explores ideas of connectivity, ecology, feedback and re-use, and of electricity in general. Peter’s current work uses recovered electronic components (such as discarded computer mother boards and old copper wire) that are re-deployed in simple open, short, and long-circuit formations to produce sounds, and also used as readymade materials for visual and installation works.

Find out more at the residency blog: http://interlaps-overlaces.tumblr.com/

Also, stay tuned to the Serial Space website for more details on this residency.