Final ‘High Reflections’ extravaganza

High Reflections presents two nights of celebration of the series at the Red Rattler. We have picked HR favourites, many of whom will join each other in first time groupings and we’ve added a few musicians who were yet to perform our events.

Two nights of sonically expansive sounds; from blissed out electronics to doom, from high intensity performance to textured drone.

8:00 – 11:00pm, $10 per night,
The Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville.

Wednesday May 25th

Emily Morandini: Homemade electronics, cable, alligator clips, copper, razor blade, sound.
Defektro: Hirofumi Uchino is the mastermind and father of hand built machines , which produce sampled, chewed up, harsh junk metal.
Jon Hunter + nonemusic: Sub-voidal nothingness meets psychdelia and science fiction.
Joel Stern + Pia van Gelder: Light producing audio, video opened out into wire, free noise cinema, and the farmyard.
Knitted Abyss: Buzzy jams of melodic guitars, organ and vocals.

Thursday May 26th

Black Math: Black Math is a collection of devices for divining the musical potential of sacred and diabolical geometries.
Machine Death: New Wave Sludgecore.
Cleptocleptics + Scissor Lock: ongoing bouts of noise battles taking place in dark rooms.
Sean Baxter, Kusum, Peter Blamey: Extreme vocals, feedback, steel wool, skins; trouble.
Thembi Soddell: Dynamic extremes, disquieting sonic worlds.

High Reflections began as an irregular event with a home at Serial Space in early 2009. Since then we have produced 14 shows of diverse and eclectic experimentalism across a range of genres and practices in weirdness.